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Saturday, May 24, 2014 - #013 - Don't Talk About My Brady!

013 - Don't Talk About My Brady! Panel 1: Young Buck Bean is standing in a field, with some trees and the Beantown skyline in the background. He is about to throw a football and says 'Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all-time' Panel 2: Backwards Hat Bro Bean laconically catches the football Panel 3: Backwards Hat Bro Bean winds up to throw the football and says 'Brady sucks!! Only thing he's great at is being overrated.' Panel 4: Young Buck Bean's eyes squint in rage as he catches the football. Panel 5: Backwards Hat Bro Bean is waiting for the football but something changed his face to a look of wide-eyed shock. Panel 6: Backwards Hat Bro Bean falls to the right in recoil as a brick bounces off his head. He screams 'OUCH' By Paul O'Brien & Chris Watson. Copyright 2014 Boston Cartoon Company, LLC

In Beantown, sports is religion to some. Do not disrespect their idols.

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